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   We are an experienced and trustworthy company operating on the financial market since 2002. Our team composes of people who not only possess Master’s Degree in Economics from reputable universities in Poland but they also find it essential to rise their qualifications and to gain more experience in customers advisory. In order to develop our skills we attend various specialized courses, which in most cases, are provided by the Foundation of the Accountancy Development in Warsaw (Fundacja Rozwoju Rachunkowości). 

     We aim to help whoever we operate for with any financial matters as well as to share our ideas and values with them. We work with the best computer accounting programs existing in the Polish IT market such as:

  • Symfonia Premium (SAGE)

  • Buchalter (Grafsoft)

  • ZUS Payer

  • Accountant software by Insert

     Our foremost concern is to provide professional care for the best interest of our clients, to meet their demands and to keep up with their expectations. We ensure a complete confidentiality on business matters. Caring for our international clients, we do our best to communicate with them in English and moreover we make it easier for them to understand Polish financial laws by explaining all the important issues and mediating between them and Polish organs of government if necessary. 

We assure complete confidentiality in matters related to bookkeeping!


  • Minister of Finance’s Certificate in bookkeeping no. 18363/00

  • Financial Adviser’s Certificate no. 10114

  • Our office in insured against civil liability


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